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Bolsover History Day

20161119_102129On Saturday 19th November 2016, Bolsover Civic Society held an event organised by Bernard Haigh at Bolsover Library to share Bolsover’s past and present day with the support of Bolsover Town, District and County Councils providing staff, publicity and resources on the day.

Our Town crier, David Fish had a successful morning informing the people of Bolsover about the day. An outstanding 450 people came to the event!

Nick Tomlinson brought digitised photographs from Picture the Past archives. Linda Holmes at Limekiln Films showed her recent short films made for Bolsover WI. There was some historical footage shown which sparked memories for many people. Reg Tooth presented a display about the Conduit houses and back hills. Andy Page brought much enthusiasm and interest to the day presenting memoirs of Peter Fidler. Kim Wyatt at BDC and Jess Holmes at CVP had a display about New Bolsover’s regeneration scheme and some wonderful old photos of the area. Suzie Crow at DCC helped people discover their family trees. Karen Millhouse brought along fascinating articles from the DCC Records Office. The Parish Church was open for refreshments and visits in the Crypt. They had a special visitor, Bess of Hardwick.

Bolsover Library supported with use of rooms and IT equipment. Bolsover Civic Society Committee members worked very hard on the day to help put together displays and promote the Society’s role in the town.

20161119_105824The history day was a huge success and that is thanks to everyone that came to the event, shared their memories and even brought in memorabilia and photos for archives. We are delighted to welcome new members to the society that joined us that day and we plan to repeat the day again in the future.

We have had so much positive feedback. Maxine Beer said “It was great, really interesting”.

For more information about Bolsover Civic Society or would like to get involved/become a member, please contact us at our website and don’t forget to like our Facebook and Twitter page for up to date news.

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