Special Places and People

Film Screen Grab2 Limestone Journeys Film
The people, the projects, the places.
Captured in a beautiful film
showcasing the best of
Limestone Journeys.
2 A Model Community
A short documentary film by Ian
Nesbitt and Friends of New
Bolsover, about life at
the first ever Model Village.
3 Settlers in England
A people’s history of Oxcroft and
the Land Settlement Association.
Film by Ian Nesbitt in collaboration
with residents of Oxcroft.
Cave to Castle1 Mining Memories
Oral histories capturing the
memories of local people from a
time when mining was the
dominant industry.


5 Prehistoric
Elmton after the Ice
Fieldwork undertaken to enhance
understanding of the history of the
local environment.
6 Drawing the Way
Langwith Basset Junior School
worked with an artist to create
a Prezi project mapping the
changing local landscape.
7 Farmland and Crops – Model

Guide to modelling landscapes and
unearthing stories. Part of the
inspiring Farmland and Crops
4 From Cave to Castle
Images and documentary of
Pleasley colliery, village and
vale. By professionals,
Chesterfield College students
and Pleasley Pit Trust.


9 Stories in Stone
A rare insight in to the local
geology and use of stone in
buildings. Discover stone stories
Bolsover, Scarcliffe and Whitwell
10 A Journey Through Time
Histories and archaeological
reports from Bolsover, Pleasley,
Hardwick, Scarcliffe, Elmton
and Whitwell.
11 Your Hidden Heritage
and Database
Records and images of traditional
local buildings are available to

view and search.
12 Your Hidden Heritage
Schools Resource

Key stage two fieldwork days
looking at local built heritage.
Follow the link and look for
‘Limestone Journeys’.


The Archaeological Way
A developing multi-user trail that
will run from Pleasley Pit Country
Park to Creswell Crags.
Archaeological Way Access

A group of local people who
support the management of the
new multi-user trail.

Back to Nature

13 Wildflowers
An Interactive Guide
Guide to some of the
limestone loving plants found
in the Limestone Journeys area.
Over 24 miles of
hedgerow restored

A hugely successful project
that will be one of the longest
lasting legacies of Limestone
15 Farmland Bird Survey
A number of farmland
birds are in decline
.  Read our
report to 
find out the current
status of our 
farmland birds.
16 Outdoor Activities
At Pleasley Vale
Adventurous activities in the
magnificant setting of Pleasley
Vale’s historic mills.

Arts and Music

17. Underground Music publicity-shot-small-667x500 Beneath the Surface
Underground Music
Short film showcasing local
industry, focusing on
Creswell Colliery Brass Band.
18 A Walk Through Time
Song by Whitwell Community
Choir written by the choir and
Mills and Chimneys and
directed by Faith Watson.
19 Wear and Tear
Landscape, Fashion and
Photography – slideshow from
Chesterfield College students
inspired by Creswell Crags and
the landscape.
20 Whispering Gallery
Musical landscape piece by pupils
from Shirebrook and oral history
project used to create sound bites
for the Limestone Journeys App.


21 Limestone Journeys
Document providing insight in
to achievements and lessons
learnt. Coming soon.
22 Sharing Our Story
Extracts of the best bits from the
Limestone Journeys Evaluation
report. A nice easy read with lots
of pictures!
23 Landscape Conservation
Action Plan

Produced at delivery stage to
pull together key information
about the area and inform
plans for the scheme.
24 Limestone Boundaries

A summary of the achievements
of the Limestone Boundaries
project. Includes map.