About the Limestone Journeys Landscape Partnership

Limestone Journeys worked with local people to look after, learn about and celebrate the distinctive landscape and heritage of the local area. Find out about Limestone Journeys here and navigate the website to discover more. You can check out the Limestone Journeys film, listen to the Archaeological Way app and download the app to use out and about in the area.

With our resource page you can settle down somewhere comfy and immerse yourself in stories of the rich local history, inspiring archaeology, wonderful wildlife and unique geology.  Have some fun watching documentary films, listening to specially commissioned music or flicking through fabulous photographs.  Our partners and local community groups will keep you updated on life after Limestone Journeys in the monthly blog.

A CRLJ detail Limestone Journeys was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Limestone
Journeys Partners. With external grants, contributions and volunteer time a total of
£3.2 million of investment was brought into the local area between 2011 and 2015.

This included £355,000 of grants awarded to local communities and landowners
and the equivalent of £462,000 of volunteer time.

B PJEC Detail The Partners, Limestone Journeys Team and local communities worked together  to
meet the aims and objectives of the Partnership under the areas of Conserve and
Restore, Community and Participation, Access and Learning, Heritage and Training

Focusing on the unique character of the Derbyshire Magnesian Limestone which
contributes to a dynamic landscape, varied wildlife and rich heritage.

D JofD Detail The Landscape Conservation Action Plan set the scene for this ambitious programme
of over 30 arts, heritage and conservation projects that were delivered each year for the
five years.

The Limestone Journeys Evaluation is a legacy document providing a valuable insight
in to achievements and lessons learnt.


Limestone Journeys Area and Partners

Primarily covering the Bolsover  District the area follows the Magnesian Limestone ridge, expanding into the coalfields and bounded according to parishes – Ault Hucknall, Barlborough, Old Bolsover Town, Clowne, Hodthorpe and Belph, Elmton, Glapwell, Langwith, Pleasley, Scarcliffe, Shirebrook and Whitwell.


Limestone Journeys Scheme Area Map 15.12.2012


Bolsover Community
& Voluntary Partners

Bolsover Countryside

Bolsover District 

Creswell Heritage

Derbyshire County

Derbyshire Wildlife

Groundwork Creswell,
Ashfield & Mansfield

Junction Arts

Natural England

National Trust


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