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Watch the Limestone Journeys Film

The people, the projects, the places…
Captured in a beautiful film showcasing the best of Limestone Journeys

There was barely a dry eye when the team watched the film. Some of our favourite people and places are featured, including the stars of the show – local lad Andy Laking and his dog Benji.

Film Screen Grab1Only a feature length film could tell the full story of Limestone Journeys, so we have a snap shot of some of the best bits, set beautifully against vistas of local landscapes.

We launched the film at our ‘Sharing the Story’ conference on November 24th 2015. Chris Falconer, Programme Manager for the HLF Landscape Partnerships, said ‘The film is a powerful illustration of the impact local people and organisations can make working in partnership to uncover, conserve and celebrate the heritage of their landscape. The Limestone Journeys story is an interviewing of important built, archaeological, cultural and natural heritage but at its heart is the connection between people and landscape, defining what makes the area special to them and working together to look after the heritage for future generations. The team should be congratulated on the achievements of this scheme so far and we look forward to seeing the legacy of Limestone Journeys for years to come.’

Click here to watch the film.

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