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Limestone Journeys Blog and Website

Hello – It’s the new Limestone Journeys Legacy Website!
As the partnership draws to a close we want to leave you with valuable information and resources, produced over the past five years, which will provide a lasting benefit to the area.

Hello Blog
The fun stuff
You can check out the Limestone Journeys film…listen to the Archaeological Way App and download the app to use out and about in the area. With our resource page you can settle down somewhere comfy and immerse yourself in stories of the rich local history, inspiring archaeology, wonderful wildlife and unique geology. Have some fun watching documentary films, listening to specially commissioned music or flicking through fabulous photographs…

The journey
To find out how it all began browse the Landscape Conservation Action Plan. To read all about the massive successes and achievements of this ambitious Landscape Partnership and all the benefits brought to the area over the five years, alongside issues and learning points, down load the Limestone Journeys Evaluation{link}.

Blogging along
Come back soon for the monthly blog update. Our partners and local community groups will keep you updated on life after Limestone Journeys, each taking their turn to take over the blog!

It’s a great big good bye from the Limestone Journeys Team
Thank you to all the volunteers, local people and local groups for making us so welcome and joining the team and partners on our five year journey. We have met some wonderful people and shared endlessly interesting stories of intriguing histories, spent magical moments in beautiful landscapes, encountered a rich and diverse wildlife and habitats and been overwhelmed by your expressions of the local area through arts and creative projects. It’s been a journey we will never forget!

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