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Lives, loves and adventures

gideon-025The Hardwick Estate is full of lives, loves and adventures. It was the formidable Bess of Hardwick who built the place in the sixteenth century. Her name is all over the building – in the architecture and stitched upon intricate embroideries that adorn the walls.

Seek out stories about the characters of Hardwick’s past in hidden corners; visit the Great Barn restaurant for breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea. Enjoy the garden daily, throughout the seasons, discover the woodland play trails and activities over the school holidays.

The Hardwick estate is open every day, for countryside walks with picturesque views, woodland family play trails, locally sourced gifts in the shop and delicious seasonal menus in the restaurant. There are events at Hardwick throughout the year. Visit our website

Don’t miss the Estate’s working flour mill. Despite grinding flour for the Hardwick Estate and

local villages for hundreds of years, Stainsby Mill is still in full working order. The 17ft water wheel still turns, the pretty mill pond still powers the machinery and a series of cogs and wheels still keep everything working smoothly. Lucky visitors can see everything in action, getting an insight into the workplace of a nineteenth-century miller. The Mill opens early February until the end of October. Visit the website


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