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Why Not Explore Poulter Country Park?

Poulter Country Park is a hidden gem, near the village of Langwith. In Spring and Summer you’ll find meadows carpeted with wildflowers, alive with bees and hoverflies; if you’re lucky you’ll see Buzzards soaring high on the breeze or Emperor dragonflies darting over wildlife ponds!

The new Sculpture Trail is fast becoming a hit with visitors! The Trail is 1 ½ miles (2 ½ km) in length and takes a moderately gentle route passing artworks* inspired by wildlife, landscape and history. The sculptures include a huge dragonfly hovering above a wildlife pond, black fern-fronds unfurling to reveal ‘Industrial Fossils’, and ‘Top Of The World’, a stone wall sculpture resembling the shapes of woolly rhino horns and hyena jaw-bones that you can sit on! The Trail reveals art inspired by this special place.

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To whet your appetite further, the new Archaeological Way multi-user trail passes through the Country Park. The trail is disabled friendly and gives great access to the wider landscape, so why not get out on your scooter, bike or on horse-back? The new car park, off Whaley Road, even caters for horsebox parking (details from Derbyshire County Council).

The Langwith and Whaley Thorns Heritage Centre, just off North Street at the entrance to the train station car park, is open on Wednesday 10am – 3pm and operates a local walks programme twice a month on Sundays. Why not drop in for a cup of tea or coffee and find out more about the fascinating local heritage? You can get further details or a walks leaflet by contacting 01623 747601 or emailing

Poulter Country Park Information
Archaeological Way Information

*Artworks commissioned by Junction Arts for the Limestone Journeys programme include ‘Bridging The Gap’, ‘Top Of The World’, ‘Industrial Fossils’, ‘Schimitar Flower’ and ‘Flint Flower’.

Thanks to Bolsover Countryside Partnership for this month’s blog.


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